Flo Klein, Founder of Stitch 'Em Up

"Eight years ago a not so gentle nudge from a good friend turned into a passion for designing appliques into a thriving business called Stitch 'Em Up. Flo Klein is well known for her wonderful Nutcracker appliques', quirky whimsical designs, and as a native Texan the imaginative Western series. As a Signature designer for Cactus Punch, she has combined applique and machine embroidery into her Nutcracker series."

Flo Klein, Founder Stitch 'Em Up

The above passage is the introduction found in the original Stitch 'Em Up print catalogue. That as the saying goes, is only part of the story. My name is Annie Wilson, and Flo was my business partner, Utterly Outrageous Women counterpart, best friend, sounding board, design critiquer, and so many other things I can't even begin to list them all.

Flo passed away August of 2002, and with her family's blessings I took over Stitch 'Em Up. There was absolutely no way I was going to let something she cared about so deeply, end. I've finished Flo's unfinished pattern designs, tweaked and updated the current pattern line, and I always try to look at things the way she would - to find that next wonderful pattern idea.

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