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The AirPen® Color Dispenser: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about the AirPen Color Dispenser.

Q. How is the AirPen different than an airbrush? See answer.
Q. Can I hook the AirPen up to my airbrush compressor? See answer.
Q. Can I use solvent based mediums on the AirPen? See answer.
Q. How do I clean the tips and/or cartridges? See answer
Q. How do I prevent the applicator tips from drying out during use? See answer.
Q. Is it ok to use the same cartridges for all uses? See answer.
Q. Once the applicator tips dry with medium in them, is it possible to clean & reuse them? See answer.
Q. The paint/medium seems to be "spitting" out of the tip instead of flowing, why? See answer.
Q. Why won’t my paint/medium dispense even when I place my finger over the hole? See answer.
Q. My AirPen is dripping, what does this mean? See answer.
Q. What causes the paint/medium to "flood" when I place my finger over the hole? See answer.
Q. Why do I have "skips" in my lines? See answer.
Q. What’s the correct way to change a tip on a full cartridge? See answer.
Q. How do I fill the cartridges? See answer.
Q. Any special considerations for ceramic glaze applications? See answer.
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