Beading: Beading Stitches

I took my first and only beading class many, many eons ago from Kenneth King - before he became a sewing and embellishment personality. It was a 2-1/2 day intensive workshop and my brain was complete mush afterwards! It was the best class I ever took. My checkbook has regretted my obsession with beading over the years, but my heart has rejoiced.

If you don't use true beading thread, always double your thread and wax it before starting. This will strengthen the thread and help prevent tangling. Instead of a true beading needle, I prefer size 10 or 12 quilting betweens. I've only used long beading needles when making a single strand purse. It always comes down to personal preference. Work with what you're most comfortable using.


Simple backstitching through each bead.

Beading Backstitch

Baguette Stich

Stack bugle beads. Two on the bottom, one on the top.

Baguette Stitch

Fence of Bugles

Standing bugles, backstitched.

Fence of Bugle Beads

Seeds Together

Several seeds, backstitched in groups.

Seeds Together

Fence of Seeds and Bugles

Standing bugles with seed beads, uses a running stitch.

Fence of Seeds and Bugle Beads


Random placement of bugles, fills large areas very quickly.

Veracelli Patterns