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Unique, one-of-a-kind patterns from Wildly Wonderful Wearables
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Wildly Wonderful Wearables -
Sewing, Quilting & Applique Patterns, Fiber Etch, Pleater Boards, the AirPen Pro and more!

You'll find one-of-a-kind jackets, kitchy vests, and original wall hanging patterns: You provide the creativity and imagination, we'll provide the patterns and designs. These patterns are fun to make and as unique as you are. Plus we have sewing and quilting notions that will help you discover new creative techniques and methods.

Not using Fiber Etch?

Have you ever destroyed a cutwork project because of scissor slippage or cutting through too many layers of fabric?

Fiber Etch - Fiber Remover GelWhat about snipping fabric from those itty-bitty areas on a machine embroidery design? That's frustrating enough to make you give up sewing!

Take a moment and watch this short Fiber Etch video and see just how much easier- and more relaxing sewing can be. I promise, you're going to be amazed.
Romance for the Holidays

It's never to early to start in on your holiday dress-up sewing!

Celtic Dreams Jacket Pattern from Wildly Wonderful WearablesWhile our Celtic Dreams pattern can be created from plain denim or almost any fabric, I personally prefer this look.

Pin tucks, hand dyed cotton, quilting, Celtic motifs, piping... yes, I got carried away.

But the best part? The entire pattern only uses 6 pieces and that includes the lining.
Do you Love to Dance?

Dianna's Dance Art-Deco, Applique Wall Haning Pattern from Wildly Wonderful WearablesMaybe you know someone that can't stop their toes tapping. We sure did!

Dianna's Dance is a wonderful combination of art-deco styling and dance. Nine beautiful dancers complete this wall hanging. We used many fabrics, lots of beads, and even feather to finish a hat.

Simply fuse your dancers together and machine satin stitch them into place. Now, don't you want to get up and dance?
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