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Notions: Quilter's Bias Bar Set

Quilter's Bias Pressing Bars in 5 sizes

Bias Bar Pressing Set - 5 Different Size Bars

Easily make bias tubes for Celtic designs or other decorative accents. Just insert one into your un-turned bias tube and press.

Heat resistant nylon and brightly colored - no losing them! Full instructions on back of package.

Set of 5: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" 3/8", 1/2" x 12"  

Quilter's Bias Bar Set - $6.49
(SRP $7.59) #0100

Quick and Easy to Use

  1. Fold your cut fabric strips in half wrong sides together.
  2. Measure from the folded edge, and draw a seam line slightly wider than press bar.
  3. Stitch along your marked seam line.
  4. Trim any excess seam allowance so that it can be hidden behind the fabric tube after pressing.
  5. Insert the rounded end of one of the bias bars into your tube and roll the seam allowance to the center of the flat side of the pressing bar.
  6. Press the seam in one direction, sliding the bias bar through the fabric tube as you press.
  7. Remove the bias pressing bar after you've pressed the entire length of your tube, and re-press the fabric tube with a hot iron to hold the crease.
  8. When you use the very tiny press bars, dampen the fabric tube with water or a bit of spray starch to help to hold a  good crease.

We used these mavelous pressing bars when creating all the Celtic designs on our Celtic Dreams jacket.

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