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Notions: Rainbow® Color Selector - Pick, Point and Match

Rainbow Color Selector with Color Sense Guide, from EK Success

The Original Rainbow Color Selector

Use this terrific color selector with your fabrics, fibers, scrapbooking papers, florals even paint.

Just lay the wheel over your fabric, with the fabric showing through one of the 'Open Windows', and dial in the color combination you want!

Includes the Color Sense™ Guide. Handy pocket-sized selector, 5-1/4".

Rainbow Color Selector - $6.49
(SRP $7.75) #0110
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  • Description
  • How to Use
  • More on Color

Rainbow Color Selector:

Colors!Each Color Sense guide has instructions in English, Spanish and French!

This is a traditional wheel using primary, secondary, complimentary, tertiary tiers, split-compliment, rectangular and square tertad, analogous and monochromatic for combining and contrasting colors to get the best look.

The very comprehensive instructions include how to successfully use the Color Selector, basic color theory to help you understand what you're seeing, and why various colors and hues match, contrast or simply don't work together.

How to use:

  1. PICK: A starting point

  2. POINT: To the chosen color with the star on any geometric shape on the wheel

  3. MATCH: The value number of each color for a harmonious combination

More on color:

Would you like to learn more about color and their relationships (to work along side with the Color Selector) including:

  1. Monocromatic: A single hue and a selection of tints, tones and shades.
  2. Analogous: Colors that are side by side, or very near each other on a color wheel.
  3. Complementary: Colors appearing across from one another on a color wheel. These color combinations offer the maximum amount of contrast.
  4. Split-Complementary: One hue plus two colors on eitherside of its complement. These provide less contrast than straight complements.
  5. Triad: Three colors that are equidistant on a color wheel.
  6. Tetrad: Two pairs of complimentary colors.

Or color analysis (what it means when we like and dislike certain colors) - visit our Techniques section: Color Harmony and Color Analysis.

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