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Notions: Rayon Cording Sampler

Rayon Cording Sampler

Rayon Cording in 3 Sizes

The cording is high-quality with a shiny look and soft satin feel. It is made from mainly natural fibers woven over a cotton core. Our sampler package contains 5 yards each of three different size cording; 15 yards total.

Includes 2mm (rattail), 1.5mm (mousetail), and 1mm (bugtail) white, rayon cording. Takes dyes beautifully.

Rayon Cording Sampler- $7.25

All These Uses

Use for: Knotting projects such as Kumihimo and Chinese Knots, silky necklaces with-and-without beads, frog closures, trims, beading projects, filler for pipping and much more. (The pipping on the edge of All Wrapped Up, and between the panel seams of Celtic Dreams were created using rayon cording for the filler - you can sew into the cording with no distortion for a perfect pipped edge.)

Wash with a mild detergent (we use Orvis paste for just about everything) in cool water and allow to dry naturally. If you're planning on dyeing the cording, make sure you tested multiple times before dyeing to confirm the results - including washing afterwards to see if any color bleeding occurs.

To seal the ends, use a fray-check product or super-glue (the gel version give a better result). With ever you use, don't go over board with it or the cording will become too stiff to work with.

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