Patterns: Sewing Skill Levels

Tape Measure

We've all experienced a badly fitted garment. It doesn't matter if we bought it off-the-rack or we made it; it simply doesn't fit right. It's too tight, it's too loose, the bust pulls, the armhole gapes, the waist is too high, the crotch too low. With some simple preparation you can help to alleviate that problem. Learn all about correctly taking measurements in our Techniques section.

We have patterns that are oversized, fitted, loose, and include sizes 6-28! That could cause confusion for just about anyone. So let's see if we can make it a bit simpler with our sizing chart and some information about the different types of patterns.

Super Easy Clothing Patterns

Skill Level 1

These patterns are very simple to make: straight lines, no darts, optional lining(s).

These patterns can be embellished and/or modified wonderfully, but the pattern sewing is a simple straight stitch.

  • Keshy Jacket
  • All Wrapped Up
  • Swing Time
Easy Applique Patterns

Skill Level 2

Simple, machine-style applique, using a satin stitch (tight zig-zag) and fusing to your project base.

These applique motifs can be applique to clothing, home decor, bags, or made into wall hangings.

  • Flutter Bys
  • Gatos
Simple Clothing Patterns

Skill Level 2

A bit more sewing experience is required for this group: understanding and being comfortable working with a bias stretch, making machine buttonholes, hand sewing, using a serger (optional, but recommended).

  • Coloring Blocks
Easy Wall Hanging Patterns

Skill Level 2

Simple machine-style applique using a satin stitch (tight zig-zag) and fusing.

These wall hanging patterns are fast and easy to sew up. Straight stitch, satin stitch, fusing, optional stiple-stitch, optional hand blind hem stitch for bindings.

  • Gatos
  • Milk Time
  • Texanne
  • Texas Wilds

Average Clothing Patterns

Skill Level 3

Here you need more sewing skill and experience. These patterns are not difficult, but they are technically more advanced.

Princess seamlines, linings, facings, quilting, machine applique, celtic bias, cording, hand sewing. Straight stitch, zig-zag, satin stitch, fusing, hand sewing blind stitch.

  • Celtic Dreams
Average Wall Hanging Patterns

Skill Level 3

These wall hanging patterns need a bit more experience as they have more pieces, tighter curves, greater details.

Straight stitch, satin stitch, fusing, optional stiple-stitch, optional hand blind hem stitch for bindings. Embellishment options beading, metallic threads, ribbons, trims.

  • Dianna's Dance